About Me


Hi I’m Anna Richards-Velinou! I am a twenty-two year old who seeks to be inspired and envision the unlikely, work hard for things that are worth it, and be surrounded by those that bring out the best in me. I was raised in the small farm community of Blenheim, Ontario but more recently have been referring to the waterfront city of Kingston as my home. For the past four years you would have found me at Stauffer Library diligently working on my Political Studies Degree at Queen’s University. My degree taught me a lot of things: the value of critical thinking as well as strong writing and speaking skills. However you won’t find my name at the next ballot box any time soon.

Outside of school I am fan of waking up to a cup of French Press Coffee and my neurotic tuxedo cat Artemis. A perfect weekend would be filled with the outdoors, sunshine and preferably with a wakeboard strapped to my feet. I am intrigued by design, photography, music, fabulous food and great conversation.

As a firm believer in the motto “Home is where the Wi-Fi connects automatically”, I am lover of any and all things digital. This passion is what brought me to my most recent adventure of joining the IMC program at St. Lawrence College. I am insatiably curious, perpetually plugged in, and driven to create so entering the ever-evolving world of digital marketing seemed like an easy decision for my next chapter of academics. My hope in entering this program is that it will bring me one step closer to fulfilling my dream of a career that would ideally combine my two passions of digital media and fashion. I am eager and open to all the new opportunities this program will bring and cannot wait to engage with those who I meet along the way.